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About  us 

Note =All python programs that are presently written by   https://www.pathwalla.com/  This website is only for study purposes. It contain python program for student of class 11 and 12 .It contains study material of class 11 and 12 . All question are taken from Sumita Arora


This website contains the python program which you have required. In this website you can find previous year question paper, class 11 and class 12 computer science question and answer of python,  about facts, about amazing things in the world and you can also found something about technology.
If you have any type of queries and questions and suggestions for this website, Then you can contact us. We will try our best for your answer. 

Contacting Us --

You can contact us by varies method . method are following ---

Instagram ---
link ---- https://www.instagram.com/path_walla/

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You can join us on Twitter and also send your problem . 

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You can join us on you tube  and also send your problem in comment box  .

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