Q. Discuss following network tools briefly :

(i) traceroute

(ii) ping

(iii) ipconfig

(iv) nslookup

(v) whois

Answer =

(i) This networking command traceroute traces the route through the Internet from the sending device to the destination computer. The signal generally goes from a computer to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and then to their provider until it reaches a 'backbone' provider. It then eventually transfers to the destination 'backbone' provider and finally reaches to the destination computer.

(ii) PING determines whether the remote machine (website, server, etc.) can receive the test packet and reply. It is determined by finding how much time it takes to get the response from the remote machine.

(iii) The IPCONFIG command displays detailed information about the network you are connected to.

It is used as per following formats:

ipconfig or ipconfig/all

(iv) For diagnosing DNS name resolution problems, you can use the command NSLOOKUP.

(v) WHOIS is a query command that is used to get some information on a specific domain name, such as who registered it, when was it registered, and when the domain will expire etc.

This command is used as per format:

whois -h <domain name>

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