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Q1. Write the statement to install the python connector to connect MySQL i.e. pymysql.

Q2. Explain the difference between pivot() and pivot_table() function?

Q3. What is sqlalchemy?

Q4. Can you sort a DataFrame with respect to multiple  columns?

Q5. What are missing values? What are the strategies to handle them?

Q6. Define the  following  terms:  Median,  Standard Deviation and variance.

Q7. What do you understand by the term MODE? Name the function which is used to calculate it.

Q8. Write the purpose of Data aggregation.

Q9. Explain  the  concept  of  GROUP  BY  with  help  on  an  example.

Q10. Write the steps required to read data from a MySQL database to a DataFrame.

Q11. Explain the importance of reshaping of data with an example.

Q12. Why estimation is an important concept in data analysis?

Q13. Assuming the given table: Product. Write the python code for the following:


a) To create the data frame for the above table.
b) To add the new rows in the data frame.
c) To display the maximum price of LG TV.
d) To display the Sum of all products.
e) To display the median of the USD of Sony products.
f) To sort the data according to the Rupees and transfer the data to MySQL.
g) To transfer the new dataframe into the MySQL with new values.

Q14. Write the python statement for the following question on the basis of given dataset:


a) To create the above DataFrame.
b) To print the Degree and maximum marks in each stream.
c) To fill the NaN with 76.
d) To set the index to Name.
e) To  display  the  name  and  degree  wise  average  marks of each student.
f) To count the number of students in MBA.
g) To print the mode marks BCA.

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