Data Protection Sumita arora Class 12 IP Solution

Online Access and Computer Security Sumita Arora Class 11 CS Solution

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Q1. What is a virus? What is anti-virus software?

Q2. How is backup utility useful? Is it necessary to take backup of data?

Q3. What is a computer virus? How can it affect your computer?

Q4. What are different type of threats to computer security ?

Q5. What type damages can be caused by viruses to your computer?

Q6. What are Malware? What type of damages can they cause to your computer?

Q7. What is a Spam? Why has it become a big Internet issue?

Q8. What do you understand by PC intrusion?

Q9. What measure would you take to avoid :
(i) Virus attack
(ii) Spyware
(iii) Adware
(iv) Spam
(v) PC intrusion?

Q10. What are denial-of-service and Sweeper attacks?

Q11. What is phishing?

Q12. How is pharming similar to and different from phishing?

Q13. What is (i) Authentication, (ii) Authorization? Why are these two used together?

Q14. What is the significance of a firewall in a computer's security scheme?

Q15. What is Eavesdropping? What security measures can you take up to prevent it?


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