Computer System Overview Sumita Arora Class 11 Computer Science Solution

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Q1. Briefly explain the basic architecture of a computer.

Q2. What do you understand by input unit? What is its significance? What does computer input consist of ?

Q3. What is the function of CPU in a computer system? What are its subunits?

Q4. What functions are performed by the control unit ? Can we call it the control centre of computer system? Why ?

Q5. What functions are performed by the ALU ? Is it an independent unit ? If not, which unit does ALU work in coordination with ?

Q6. Distinguish between CPU and ALU.

Q7. What is the function of output unit in a computer system? Give examples of some output devices.

Q8. What role does memory play in the functioning of computer system?

Q9. Define each of the following: (a) byte (b) kilobyte (c) megabyte (d) gigabyte (e) terabyte.

Q10. What is the meaning of the term volatile primary memory? What can be done to overcome the problems of volatility ?

Q11. Distinguish between internal and external memory.

Q12. What is the role of memory in a computer functioning? What types of memory does the computer work with ?

Q13. What are RAM and ROM? How are they alike? How are they different? What are EEROM, PROM and EPROM?

Q14. What are major functional components of a mobile system ?

Q15. Draw a block diagram depicting organization of a mobile system.

Q16. What is the role of power management unit in a mobile system?

Q17. What does the communication processor do ?

Q18. What is the role of application processing unit in a mobile system ?

Q19. What is GPU? How is it useful?

Q20. How does display subsystem of a mobile system work ?

Q21. What is the significance of SoC ?

Q22. What is system software? What role does it play in the functioning of the computer?

Q23. Discuss the role of utility software in the context of computer performance.

Q24. What is the importance of an OS ?

Q25. How are software libraries useful ? Name some software libraries of Python.

Q26. What is the utility of these software ? (i) disk fragmentor (ii) backup software.


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