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Q1. Which of the following identifier names are invalid and why?

(a) Serial_no.
(b) 1st_Room
(c) Hundred$
(d) Total Marks
(e) Total_Marks
(f) total-Marks
(g) _Percentage
(h) True

Q2. Write the corresponding Python assignment statements:

(a) Assign 10 to variable length and 20 to variable breadth.
(b) Assign the average of values of variables length and breadth to a variable sum.
(c) Assign a list containing strings ‘Paper’, ‘Gel Pen’, and ‘Eraser’ to a variable stationery.
(d) Assign the strings ‘Mohandas’, ‘Karamchand’, and ‘Gandhi’ to variables first, middle and last.
(e) Assign the concatenated value of string variables first, middle and last to variable fullname.

Make sure to incorporate blank spaces appropriately between different parts of names.

Q3. Write logical expressions corresponding to the following statements in Python and evaluate the expressions (assuming variables num1, num2, num3, first, middle, last are already having meaningful values):
(a) The sum of 20 and –10 is less than 12.
(b) num3 is not more than 24.
(c) 6.75 is between the values of integer’s num1 and num2.
(d) The string ‘middle’ is larger than the string ‘first’ and smaller than the string ‘last’.
(e) List Stationery is empty.

Q4. Add a pair of parentheses to each expression so that it evaluates to True.
(a) 0 == 1 == 2
(b) 2 + 3 == 4 + 5 == 7
(c) 1 < -1 == 3 > 4

Q5. Write the output of the following:
num1 = 4
num2 = num1 + 1
num1 = 2
print (num1, num2)
num1, num2 = 2, 6
num1, num2 = num2, num1 + 2
print (num1, num2)
num1, num2 = 2, 3
num3, num2 = num1, num3 + 1
print (num1, num2, num3)

Q6. Which data type will be used to represent the following data values and why?
(a) Number of months in a year
(b) Resident of Delhi or not
(c) Mobile number
(d) Pocket money
(e) Volume of a sphere
(f) Perimeter of a square
(g) Name of the student
(h) Address of the student

Q7. Give the output of the following when num1 = 4, num2 = 3, num3 = 2

(a) num1 += num2 + num3
(b) print (num1)
(c) num1 = num1 ** (num2 + num3)
(d) print (num1)
(e) num1 **= num2 + c
(f) num1 = '5' + '5'
(g) print(num1)
(h) print(4.00/(2.0+2.0))
(i) num1 = 2+9*((3*12)-8)/10
(j) print(num1)
(k) num1 = float(10)
(l) print (num1)
(m) num1 = int('3.14')
(n) print (num1)
(o) print(10 != 9 and 20 >= 20)
(p) print(5 % 10 + 10 < 50 and 29 <= 29)

Q8. Categorise the following as syntax error, logical error or runtime error:
(a) 25 / 0
(b) num1 = 25; num2 = 0; num1/num2

Q9. A  dartboard  of  radius  10  units  and  the  wall  it  is  hanging on are represented using a two-dimensional coordinate   system, with the board’s centre at coordinate (0,0). Variables x and y store
The x-coordinate and the y-coordinate of a dart that hits the dartboard. Write a Python expression using variables x and y that evaluates to True if the dart hits (is within) the dartboard, and then evaluate the expression for these dart coordinates:
(a) (0, 0)
(b) (10, 10)
(c) (6, 6)
(d) (7, 8)

Q10. Write a Python program to convert temperature in degree Celsius to degree Fahrenheit. If water boils at 100 degree C and freezes as 0 degree C, use the program to find out what is the boiling point and freezing point of water on the Fahrenheit scale. (Hint: T (°F) = T (°C) × 9/5 + 32)

Q11. Write a Python program to calculate the amount payable if money has been lent on simple interest. Principal or money lent = P, Rate = R% per annum and Time = T years. Then Simple Interest (SI) = (P x R x T)/ 100.
Amount payable = Principal + SI.
P, R and T are given as input to the program.

Q12. Write a program to calculate in how many days a work will be completed by three persons A, B and C together. A, B, C take x days, y days and z days respectively to do the job alone.  The formula to calculate the number of days if they work together is xyz/(xy + yz + xz) days where x, y, and z are given as input to the program.

Q13. Write a program to enter two integers and perform all arithmetic operations on them.

Q14. Write a program to swap two numbers using a third variable.

Q15. Write a program to swap two numbers without using a third variable.

Q16. Write a program to repeat the string ‘‘GOOD MORNING” n times. Here n is an integer entered by the user.

Q17. Write a program to find average of three numbers.

Q18. The volume of a sphere with radius r is 4/3πr3. Write a Python program to find the volume of spheres with radius 7cm, 12cm, 16cm, respectively.

Q19. Write a program that asks the user to enter one's name and age. Print out a message addressed to the user that tells the user the year in which he/she will turn 100 years old.

Q20. The formula E = mc**2 states that the equivalent energy (E) can be calculated as the mass (m) multiplied by the speed of light (c = about 3×108 m/s) squared. Write a program that accepts the mass of an object and determines its energy.

Q21. Presume that a ladder is put upright against a wall. Let variables length and angle store the length of the ladder and the angle that it forms with the ground as it leans against the wall.  Write a Python program to compute the height reached by the ladder on the wall for the following values of length and angle:
(a) 16 feet and 75 degrees
(b) 20 feet and 0 degrees
(c) 24 feet and 45 degrees
(d) 24 feet and 80 degrees

Case Study Based Question

Schools use “Student Management Information System” (SMIS) to manage student related data. This system provides
facilities for:


• Recording and maintaining personal details of students.
• Maintaining marks scored in assessments and computing results of students.
• Keeping track of student attendance, and
• Managing many other student-related data in the school.

Let us automate the same step by step.

Identify the personal details of students from your school identity card and write a program to accept these details for all students of your school and display them in this format.

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