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Q1. List some of the cloud-based services that you are using at present.

Q2. What do you understand by the Internet of Things? List some of its potential applications.

Q3. Write a short note on the following:
(a) Cloud computing
(b) Big data and its characteristics

Q4. Explain the following along with their applications.
(a) Artificial Intelligence
(b) Machine Learning

Q5. Differentiate between cloud computing and grid computing with suitable examples.

Q6. Justify the following statement-
‘Storage of data is cost effective and time saving in cloud computing.’

Q7. What is on-demand service? How it is provided in cloud computing?

Q8. Write examples of the following:
(a) Government provided cloud computing platform
(b) Large scale private cloud service providers and the services they provide

Q9. A company interested in cloud computing is looking for a provider who offers a set of basic services such as virtual server provisioning and on-demand storage that can be combined into a platform for deploying and running customized applications. What type of cloud computing model fits these requirements?
(a) Platform as a Service
(b) Software as a Service
(c) Infrastructure as a Service
(d) Application as a Service

Q10. If Government plans to make a smart school by applying IoT concepts, how can each of the following be implemented in order to transform a school into IoT enabled smart school?
(a) e-textbooks
(b) Smart boards
(c) Online tests
(d) Wi-Fi sensors on classrooms doors
(e) Sensors in buses to monitor their location
(f) Wearables (watches or smart belts) for attendance monitoring

Q11. Five friends plan to try a start-up. However, they have a limited budget and limited computer infrastructure. How can they avail the benefits of cloud services to launch their start-up?

Q12. Governments provide various scholarships to students of different classes. Prepare a report on how block chain technology can be used to promote accountability, transparency and efficiency in distribution of scholarships?

Q13. How IoT and WoT are related?

Q14. Match the following:

Column A    Column B
Smart Parking    You got a reminder to take medication
Smart Wearable    You got a SMS alert that you forgot to lock the door
Home Automation    You got the SMS alert that parking space is available near your block
Smart Health    You turned off your LED TV from your wrist watch

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