Computer Network - 2 || Sumita Arora || Class 12 || Computer Science || Solution

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Q1. What is modulation? What is the need of modulation?

Q2. What are two main types of modulation techniques?

Q3. How is amplitude modulation different from frequency modulation?

Q4. What you understand by collisions in a network?

Q5. Wired and wireless networks use different mechanisms to detect and handle collisions. Name these.

Q6. What is CSMA/CA?

Q7. Why can't wireless network detect collision?

Q8. What are ACK, RTS, CTS signals?

Q9. Explain the working of CSMA/CA and its two implementation.

Q10. Which implementation of CSMA/CA is used for smaller networks and which one for bigger networks?

Q11. What is the process of routing?

Q12. What is the importance of routing table in routing?

Q13. What is IP addressing? What are two versions of IP addressing?

Q14. How are IPv4 addresses different from IPv6 addresses?

Q15. What is Domain name system? What is DNS look up?

Q16. What is URL? What are the components of a URL?

Q17. How is a domain name different from a URL?

Q18. What is the role and importance of protocols in Networks?

Q19. What is the importance of TCP/IP on Internet communications?

Q20. What is the role of TCP protocol? What is the role of IP protocol?

Q21. What does TCP do when there is congestion on a network?

Q22. What is metering or rate modulation technique used by TCP to avoid congestion in a network?

Q23. Discuss following network tools briefly :

(i) traceroute
(ii) ping
(iii) ipconfig
(iv) nslookup
(v) whois

Q24. What are protocols? Why are they important in network?

Q25. Discuss following network protocols, briefly:

(i) HTTP
(ii) FTP
(iii) SCP
(iv) SSH
(v) POP
(vi) IMAP
(vii) SMTP
(viii) VoIP
(ix) NFC

Q26. Discuss the basic working model of HTTP.

Q27. What happens behind the scenes when you send an email, before it reaches its destination?

Q28. What are MX records?

Q29. What is HTTPS? How does it work?

Q30. What is encryption? Why is considered so important?

Q31. What is SSL? How does it impact the communication over Internet

Q32. What is remote desktop?

Q33. What is remote login?

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